Friday, January 16, 2009

Newell Qualifies in Top 4 Again!

Very nice of Andy to qualify 3rd after we wrote an article about his qualify high/finish low struggles just last week. We'll see if he can break the curse in just a few hours from now.

Live feed is here along with full qualifying results. 6 North American women also made the heats, but only led by Kikkan Randall in 16th, so they have an uphill battle to make the finals. In addition to Newell, 4 other American men and 3 Canadian men have also advanced.

Universal Sports will probably have coverage in a few days, or if you're good with Sopcast you might be able to get NRK from here.


Luke S said... North American women were in the top 2 in their quarterfinal

Colin R said...

Randall moved up to 14th.
Renner up to 15th.

Not great, but not shocking. I wonder what the best classic sprint result is for either of them...

Luke S said...

also nice of andy to get 8th.