Saturday, January 17, 2009

Callaghan Team Sprints

The Callaghan sprint course is long, so much so that Devon Kershaw joked on his blog that "it felt a lot like a distance race out there in [the] qualifier." With the exception of the all-rounder Justyna Kowalczyk, though, none of the men's or women's individual-sprint places were occupied by a distance racer. Thus, duh, it's still a sprint course. My picks for the freestyle team sprints:

men's team sprint
1. Sweden (Bryntesson/Joensson)
2. Russia II (Kriukov/Ivanov)
3. U.S. I (Koos/Newell)
Interesting to see Freeman/Kuzzy as U.S. II, Piller Cottrer/di Centa as Italy II, and of course no Norwegian teams.

women's team sprint
1. Sweden I (Andersson/Olsson)
2. Italy I (Genuin/Follis)
3. Sweden II (Ingemarsdotter/Norgren)