Thursday, January 15, 2009

Callaghan Sprints

The big pre-Olympic races start on Friday at the Vancouver-Whistler Olympic Park. Though they're the last chance to test the trails ahead of the 2010 Olympics, the fields for the races - individual classic sprints on Friday, double pursuits on Saturday, and freestyle team sprints on Sunday - are pretty thin, with Norwegian, German, and Russian racers in particularly short supply. But no matter - there are beaucoup Canadians and Americans on the start lines! Picks:

men's classic sprint
1. Ola Vigen Hattestad
2. Emil Jonsson
3. Andy Newell

women's classic sprint
1. Justyna Kowalcyzk
2. Arianna Follis
3. Britta Norgren


keeron said...

Perianne Jones. I hear she's been working on her double-poling in the off-season and over Christmas. If she puts her transponder on this time, watch out.

Colin R said...

Kikkan Randall could take Britta Norgren any day of the week.

Luke S said...

Even in a classic sprint?

Colin R said...

Ouch, Britta Norgren just eliminated Kikkan Randall head-to-head in Quarterfinal #3. I suck.