Friday, March 12, 2010

Holmen Cow

I was dismayed to learn that the 30k/50k races at the Holmenkollen park in Oslo on Saturday are being run as shudder mass start shudder skate races.


This is not progress, no matter what TV ratings tell the FIS. If they're not gonna run big-loop individual start races on skiing's holy ground, then the best I can hope for are competitive, tactically interesting races that do not end in bunch finishes. With the addition of bonus sprint points (five for 75 bonus points for the men, three for 45 bonus points for the women) and ski exchanges (three for the men, two for the women), good races could happen - as they did at Trondheim last year and at the Olympics this year. Three engaging mass starts in a row?

At the very least, it's going to be cool to see so many racers on the jagged 8.3k loops - 70 men and 59 women. Unlike NCP's Canadian friend, I think the Norwegian hordes are going to go home happy.

1. Bjørgen
2. Kowalczyk Kalla
3. Kalla Follis
Compton, Stephen, Arritola: 40s

1. Northug
2. Hellner
3. Angerer
Babikov: top 10; Kershaw and Harvey: top 15; Southam: top 30


packfiller said...

I don't think Kowalcyk is starting. Compton for top 30.

Christopher Tassava said...

Damn! I didn't even think to check her on the start lists, because she races everything! Changes coming up...

Anonymous said...

Northug won`t win. The Hollmenkollen course is way harder then the one used for the olympics. And he has also been sick recently.

And i agree Hollmenkollen 50K = classic and intervall start. The only reason for the change this year is the trial world championship thing.

Anonymous said...

Well, despite the lack of love in the community for Northug, he did. And his brother is sprinting again tomorrow, so no matter what the Norwegian fans get A northug.