Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drammen Drama

[Edited to clean up stupid mistakes, as pointed out by a commenter.]
I love the springtime World Cup's springtime tour of the Nordic countries. I'm still hoping that they'll hit Copenhagen for a sprint event one of these years, but I understand that the capital of Denmark has as little snow as Düsseldorf. In the meantime, we'll have to be satisfied with the almost-traditional circuit through Lahti, Drammen, Oslo, Stockholm, and Falun. Which doesn't suck.

Thursday's Drammen sprints are pretty cool, being run smack in the center of town and involving lunatic hordes of Norwegians both on and off the track. Not surprisingly, Norway has not dominated the winner's chair at Drammen. In events held since 2003, they've won two of the six women's sprints and all six of the men's - twice with Norwegians on every step of the podium.) but none of the women's. What? Bjørgen has never won here? Nope. She hasn't. That, I suspect, will change this year. I think something like this will continue this year.

1. Bjørgen
2. Kowalczyk
3. Olsson

1. Jönsson
2. Kriukov
3. Pettersen


brb said...

Actually, Norway has won every single mens competition in Drammen, including two podium sweeps and placing 8 of the top 10 once. I'd say they have in fact been dominating. Two Norwegian wins from the ladies as well.

brb said...

Found the error. Your link shows qualification results, not the race itself. Bjorgen has indeed won in Drammen as well btw.

Christopher Tassava said...

Whoops! Thanks. Rookie mistake, that. I've corrected the post.

keeron said...

Anyone know anything about Fantasy Skier updates? Drammen wasn't listed as an available race, so there are people in my league screaming about not being able to rank. Yeah, we're that H-core.

Colin R said...

Keeron -- I suck. That will be fixed soon.

keeron said...

No worries - seeing as it's free, we don't want to complain. And the NCP is rad. Also, I have a Live Blog from the Drammen Sprints with a decent amount of coverage, if you want it.