Thursday, January 21, 2010


Seriously? Just 34 women are on the start list for Friday's freestyle sprints in Rybinsk? And only 43 men? No Finns, Norwegians, or Swedes? And no top Italians?

Gee, that makes the qualification round a little less important than usual and the actual heats a lot less interesting than usual. The courses are 1.3km long and feature one 27m climb right in the middle, topped by a nice left-hand curve.

I'll dangle from a damaged carbon-fiber ski pole and say that the Russians are going to do well:

men's freestyle sprint
1. Petukhov
2. Morilov
3. Kriukov

women's freestyle sprint
1. Kowalczyk (I mean, there's no comparison)
2. Fabjan (the other fast Slovenian sprinter)
3. Genuin

I hope the pursuit fields are bigger and/or better...


Anonymous said...

Fields are extremely small because Swedes and Norweigans are holding their national championships/final olympic qualifiers so obviously are skipping these world cup races. No Czechs, Slovaks, Kazakhs...The Kazakhs are in Austria right now training at high altitude in Ramsau, where they have also taken part at Austrian nationals in Ramsau, sweeping the top five. Very interesting how everyone is dealing with olympic preparation. I can't wait for the games to start!