Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dopers and Dopiness in Russia


Sadly, but not surprisingly, another overperforming Russian, Alena Sidko, has been caught hitting the erythropoetin. Via Skierpost:
The Russian cross country skier Alena Sidko was tested positive for EPO and is therefore not appropriate for the Russian Olympic team... Sidko, with a bronze from the sprint relay in the 2005 World Championships and 2006 Olympics, tested positve for EPO during the competitons in Krasnogrsk on 26th of December. 30 years old, Sidko had a ninth place in overall standings this year's Tour de Ski.
What is going on with these crazed bibs from Rybinsk? The bear is gonna eat Roland Clara's number!


Anonymous said...

To be fair to Sidko, she really isn't 'overperforming.' She has been skiing on the world cup for some 7-8 years, has won a couple of world cup sprint races, got a bronze at the olympic sprint and has gotten various podium finishes with the relay. I am not saying that she "isn't" doping, but to suggest she is unknown and suddenly finding form out of knowhere is a little tough. Hopefully FIS, RUSADA, WADA, and the Russian Ski Federation start taking these issues more seriously, this is getting ridiculous! How naive are they to think that they will get away with something like this. Seeing that FIS and the anti-doping agencies have had a close eye on their national team skiers since the season began.

Christopher Tassava said...

I used that adjective to suggest that the doping helped her achieve what she has. Perhaps that's wrong, and she doped to as part of an effort to "break through." Either way, it's sad, and - as you say, Anonymous - ridiculous that the Russian team is so thick with dopers.