Monday, January 25, 2010


The most depressing news of the day is that there are multiple Northugs. And they are apparently fast. Please, Odin, save us from a half-Northug relay team at Sochi 2014!

Via Skierpost...
Tomas Northug walks in his brother's shoes

Tomas Northug (NOR) was second best in the prologue at the Junior World Championships today. But nobody was able to hang on to Tomas in the finals. In the men's competition of Free Style Sprint, Tomas Northug (the brother of Petter Northug) claimed the Junior World Champion title, ahead of his teammate Paal Golberg and the Italian prologue winner Frederico Pellegrino.


Anonymous said...

Well considering that there is also a third Northug brother things could get really crazy.
He is only 13 do so Olympics 2014 would be a bit early :)

Christopher Tassava said...

Oy. They're shaping up to be like the team that finished sixth in the women's relay at the Norwegian championships:
6 Nybygda IL 43:24.7 Hedmark
6 PEDERSEN 14:32.8
6 PEDERSEN 29:51.6
6 PEDERSEN 43:24.7


Anonymous said...

Yeah that is Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen (former world championship medalist) and her twin daughters i think.

Fenrir said...

Face it, Norway is simply back... that pathetic 2006 showing will soon be forgotten. Another decade of dominance awaits.