Friday, December 28, 2012

Tour de Ski Time!

God, I love the Tour de Ski. It's my favorite period of the regular FIS season, sometimes even better than Worlds. This year's edition is going to be great even if Bjoergen isn't skiing. She's never won the Tour, remember, and the relatively tight competition behind her is going to be even better than usual. Though I'd have to say that Kowalczyk is the (slightly boring) favorite, I think that Randall is going to do very well. As World of XC pointed out, she's the only woman with a top-10 finish in every race this year! Kylloenen and Skofterud could do well, but I think both will tail off, creating room behind Justyna and Kikkan for Kalla, Johaug, or even Weng.

The men's Tour should also see some tight competition, with Northug (another never-winner) and Cologna being the obvious favorites. I'm anxious to see if Sundby, Roethe, Belov and Angerer can continue to perform, or if Legkov, Chernousov, or Vylegzhanin will show up.

Here are my picks for the Oberhof prologues:

And for the overall Tour titles: