Saturday, December 15, 2012

Canmore Finale

I would have bet several Loonies that Kikkan had the sprint win in hand when she attacked on the climb this afternoon, dropping everyone but that pesky Norwegian Falla. Alas, Falla played the endgame right and took the win. But then again, Randall was all smiles in the finishing pen, so she must have been satisfied. Second is a good result when you are tied for first with Bjorgen in the overall World Cup and holding a healthy lead over Falla in second in the sprint standings.

My predictions for the Canmore freestyle sprints weren't too bad, actually - good for an even 50th place among the 158 entrants at XC Predictions. My Canadian friend fared less well, which salves my American ego a bit. I hope that these rock-solid predictions for the skiathlon - the first of two before Worlds season - are just as good. I'm eager to see if Kikkan can put together another good distance race - and if the Canadian men can show up.


Anonymous said...

Neither Tscharnke nor Harvey are racing tomorrow. Sorry.

Kieran said...

Despite the fact that neither Tscharnke nor Harvey started, you still managed to crush me in WhoWins on the day.

I'm a little bit disappointed with Belov. I though he was the man to beat both distance days, as he was carrying the mail for the Russians. Instead, he seemed a bit out to lunch. His attack yesterday was impressive, but does anyone really think it would have been possible without the use of Bessemertnyk driving the train, and that other joker slowing down the rest of the field?

Also, the points scoring system where picking the winner correctly rewards you significantly more than having ALL TEN of your skiers in the top 14 is frustrating...
Although my bias is all based on my poor performance, I will admit.