Saturday, December 20, 2008


Don't get into a drag race with Petra Majdic.

My podium picks were so-so. In picking Hattestad for second, I wrongly discounted his ability to win two straight races. I picked Morilov for third; he did make the final. Kjoelstad blew up and finished 44th. Nice race, Johan. On the other hand, I was not surprised to see Majdic win (as predicted), and I lucked out when Matveeva finished second, just as I thought. (As the video shows, she'll never overpower Majdic.) I expected an unknown Norwegian to finish third, and I was right - sorta: a different unknown Norwegian took the bronze.


Colin R said...

I can't believe that someone is managing to dominate the men's side of sprinting, least of all Hattestad (whom I picked to decline after last year!). It's crazy that he can consistently win against such sharp competition.

Luke S said...

Majdic doesn't exactly look pretty skating, does she? But she goes fast as all hell so I guess it works out.