Monday, December 1, 2008

There Is No "Team" in Doping

It just wouldn't be the World Cup if we couldn't talk about doping.

At Kuusamo last weekend, Marit Bjoergen complained that Jarmo Riski, the personal trainer of Finnish stars Kuitunen and Saarinen, was present at the races. One might expect Herra Riski to want to see his racers in action, but unfortunately he was banned for life after the scandal of the 2001 Lahti World Championships, and as such can't attend events.

And then there are the rumors that the FIS knows of five high-level athletes who may be doping, but is refusing now to announce their names. Alleged to be among these five? Both Bjoergen and Kuitunen, who - as you expect - think the FIS oughta just shut up.


Colin R said...

A Norwegian getting busted would be HUGE.

Christopher Tassava said...

Well, Bjoergen's physical transformation since last season is marked: she must be 10-15 pounds lighter. WADA-induced weight loss?

Colin R said...

Bulimia is the new EPO?