Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gaellivare Relay Picks

I chose only two of the six podium finishers for the distance skate races, though even then I didn't get Bjoergen and Kalla in the right spots, so here goes nothing on the relays:

women's 4x5 relay
1. Norway I
2. Germany
3. Finland

men's 4x10 relay
1. Germany
2. Norway I
3. Sweden I

(Note I: the Americans are in the #10 bibs, running Newell, Cook, Freeman, Koos.)


Christopher Tassava said...

That wasn't too bad - I picked five of the six teams to make the relay podiums, although none in their actual spots. Lessons learned: this season, don't bet against Norway. That men's finish was ridiculous, though.

Luke S said...

Yah...what about Hellner showing off his stuff with Northug in the end? The real deal? Although I guess a weekend can still easily be a fluke.

Luke S said...

And Newell ran with the leaders for about 6-7k before dropping off, not bad for a sprinter.