Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bring on the Racing

In a convenient web-based calendar format, I mean.

With ten days to go until the season's first World Cups at Gaellivare, Sweden, I've created a public Google Calendar for many of the top-level cross-country ski racing circuits. So far, the calendar includes the World Cup, the Nordic Ski World Championships, the FIS Marathon Cup, and the Worldloppet. I'll try and add the SuperTour races later. Click here to access the calendar (and if you're using GCal, add it to your own calendar). You can also add the calendar to any iCal calendar application by clicking here, or access the XML here. Colin can explain what XML is. I think it has something to do with energy drinks.

Anyhow, let me know via comments if you have trouble with the calendar, ideas for improvements, or recommendations for other racing series to add. I hope this is useful to some of our vast readership.

And speaking of the vast readership, soon enough we'll post more stuff to actually read.


Colin R said...

Ahhh crap, 10 days to go means I should've started fantasy nordic up last week.

Curse my job.

Luke S said...

Damn you Colin I want Fantasy already!!! Not that I have a league, but sign me up!

Christopher Tassava said...

I thought you were a racer with a coding problem! Ah well. Best-laid plans and all that. You can make it up to me - the defending champion! - by letting me have Bauer and Kuitunen. Or Bauer and Jacobsen.

Luke S said...

HA the bidding will undoubtedly be out of control for all three of those...

Luke S said...

Hey!! FIS races in Beito and Muonio this weekend. Pre-world cup tuneups for all the big names. Lets see analysis/This means that fantasy nordic better get up and kicking damn soon.

XC Strider said...

Dear chaps,

Please count me amongst your legion of fans. Thanks for the great calendar. All I need to do is add the XC World Cup start times (CET converted to Eastern Daylight Time) and the World Cup Biathlon Races w/dates and start times, and I'm set for the 2008-2009 season.

You may wish to include this information in future editions of the calendar.

Does someone run a fantasy nordic league? I would be interested.


XC Strider said...

I'll be watching same-day video coverage of the the Gallivare races this weekend, and you can too. Tune in to Universal Sports (formerly WCSN) on the internet at Universal Sports is run by NBC Sports and is no longer charging a registration fee...this means you can view XC World Cup (and nearly every other sport) live/same-day and free of charge.

Here is this weekend's broadcst schedule:

FIS Cross Country World Cup - Gallivare, SWE
FIS Cross Country World Cup - Women's 10km
Sat, Nov 22 1 PM ET

FIS Cross Country World Cup - Gallivare, SWE
FIS Cross Country World Cup - Men's 15km
Sat, Nov 22 3 PM ET

FIS Cross Country World Cup - Gallivare, SWE
FIS Cross Country World Cup - Women's 4x5km
Sun, Nov 23 1 PM ET

FIS Cross Country World Cup - Gallivare, SWE
FIS Cross Country World Cup - Men's 4x10km
Sun, Nov 23 3 PM ET

WCSN aired most of the XC World Cup races last year, and I'm hoping that Universal Sports will do the same in the 2008-2009 season. The races were archived too, so that you could watch them whenever you wished.

In addition, you can view all Biathlon World Cup races live and free of charge at, official web site of the International Biathlon Union. It just means you will have to get up at 3 or 4 in the morning for some of them (if you live in Michigan, as I do).

If this isn't hog heaven for nordic ski fans in the U.S. (where much of the European internet coverage is blacked out), then I don't know what is.


XC Strider said...

You can e-mail me at