Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chasing Is Racing

Today's Toblach sprints were the last short-distance race in this year's Tour de Ski. The next four days include one rest day and three long races: Thursday's 15k/30k skate pursuit, Saturday's 10k/20k classic mass start, and Sunday's 9k skate Final Climb.

The Nordic Commentary Project brain trust long ago criticized the format of Thursday's stage, which has the towering problem of having the women race a ridiculous 50% of the men's distance on what - this year - will be a completely different course. (In previous years, they just raced the second, downhill half of the course.)

Beyond that critique, I won't make any other comments - just recommend Jan's excellent preview at World of XC and post my picks. If Kikkan were a little bit closer to Johaug, I'd pick her for a podium. Top five will have to do!