Monday, January 3, 2011

Johan Olsson, Derider of Golf

Quoth Johan after today's 2x10 pursuit at the Tour de Ski, in which he finished 18th, "Det är en parodi att åka omkring på en golfbana när det finns så mycket fina berg att köra i.

According to Google Translate, this means, "It is a travesty to go around on a golf course when there are so very nice mountain running in."

According to the human who is behind World of XC and who knows English and Swedish, Olsson said,"It is a parody to race on a golf course when there are great mountains all around!"

I might more liberally translate Olsson as saying "Pursuits are easier when I have Marcus and Anders running interference behind me," and/or "In Sweden we play golf on terrain that's much rougher than this."