Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hard Man

From a short interview with Lukas Bauer translated and published by the FIS:

Q: How did you survive summer with your health?

LB: I stayed healthy the whole summer. Only during the last week on our camp in Obertiliach I pulled my thigh muscle. I ran forty-five 100 m sprints and still feel uncomfortable. I will have it checked by a physiotherapist
4.5 kilometers, 100 meters at a time. Nice.

On related note, only 5 months and 10 days until the 2011 World Ski Championships at the Holmenkollen!


Anonymous said...

Did you notice how Bauer didn't ask himself about the rumor that Nikolai Pankratov was on his way to train with him on the glacier?

Kieran said...

Is Fantasy Nordic still going to be running???? My bookmark of the site has been warning me that its an Attack Page!

Christopher Tassava said...

Interesting rumor, Anonymous. I won't be surprised if/when Bauer is discovered, but until then I love the guy and his heart. Also his training methods.

As for fantasy nordic, my co-blogger will have to weigh in. He's battling a severe cyclocross addiction, but I'm willing to help set up and run the league this winter. My expertise doesn't extend as far as cleaning up the crazy warning that some browsers throw up when directed to cnordic...

Kieran said...

If you need help in the set up/run, I can volunteer, although I have little skill in writing code. I am, however, quite rabid about my Fantasy Nordic, and want to keep it alive.