Friday, February 5, 2010

Canmore Sprints

For individual starts, the 10 and 15k races were pretty effing good, with each race only decided late. And can anyone take a bad picture in Canmore? Picturesque isn't the half of it - the place is so gorgeous, even race faces look good. But not all of them. No, not all of them.

Between a nasty little course (three hairpins and a huge climb), the numerous missing Norwegians and Finns, and the push to hone form for this event at the Olympics in twelve days, the classic sprints - 1700 meters for men, 1470 meters for women - should be interesting. Picks:

1. Majdic
2. Falk
3. Kowalczyk

1. Jönsson
2. Kriukov
3. Newell


Jake Scheckman said...

are y'all watching these world cup races live? any chance you can share a link?

Colin R said...

Friday's races were here:

Christopher Tassava said...

And if that link doesn't work, you can almost always find other links on this page:

Just look for the race listing. You'll have to experiment with various options and browsers.

Jake Scheckman said...

thanks for your help guys, I was able to catch most of the sprints. good stuff. I'll be watching these places for Olympics nordic sports coverage, but I'm wondering if there is anywhere else I should check. I sure do wish we got CBC in the states.

Christopher Tassava said...

You can try

It's hit or miss, but often does offer at least one or two decent feeds from Europe. The mythical CBC feed eludes me, though...