Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Midweek Videos

Last week, the FIS linked to a video of one of Matti Heikkinen's training days at Ramsau. The video's sponsored by Polar, the Finnish heart-rate monitor company, so it is a bit Euro-cheesy and pretty heavy on the HR data, but it's still an interesting look into an elite athlete's training regimen. I guess his "long hard hill workout" (1:40 and 24km long, with an average HR of 160 bpm and 40 minutes over anaerobic threshold) had the desired effects, given that Heikkinen won the Davos skate race a few weeks after the video came out.

The Internet emitted another slick-and-cheesy training video this week, as well: a piece produced by NBC and the National Science Foundation that looks at the basic physiology of skiing and focuses on American Liz Stephen. An installment in a series that's part of NBC's Olympic coverage, the video is worth a look - if only to snicker when they use a clip of Virpi Kuitunen to show the body generating energy.


keeron said...

Cool videos - I liked the excessive HR info on Heikkinen. And Beckie Scott gets some decent screen-time behind Kuitunen there.
In other news, did you check out the new Slovenian suit? And Google images is killing me here - I can't find a single good one.

Christopher Tassava said...
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Christopher Tassava said...

This one's not bad:

This one's much better:

Both from the semi-official blog of the US ski team, teamtoday.org

keeron said...

How you know a reporter knows nothing about WC and hasn't really done their research:
"Coaches say if Harvey follows last year's pattern, the dominant skiers such as Finland's Matti Heikkenen and Norway's Ronny Hafsaas should expect to see the Canadian threatening them by the World Cup in Canmore, Alta., on Feb. 5 and 6."

Now, I admit I may be wrong, but 1. I highly doubt Hafsaas can be considered a 'dominant skier' after winning one WC race.
2. I highly doubt Dave Wood or any other Canadian national team coach would list him among Alex's competition, especially in a 30 km classic.
3. Hafsaas will NOT be skiing in Canmore in February. I guarantee it. And seeing as it's a sprint and a 15km, chances are it won't be a shoot-up with Heikkinen either.
Other than that, I love seeing cross country skiers in the press, especially Alex, he's a pretty dynamic guy.

For the full text, please see http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5jJouqPVxRMPCArmrv-D9KJKD3rDg

Christopher Tassava said...

Oof! That's some bad analysis. I hope young Harvey does well at the Olys, but someone needs to show the journo how to read the results sheets, not just the overall standings.

Stay tuned for Rogla picks...