Saturday, February 21, 2009

Men's Pursuit

I misunderestimated the female racers, and especially Kristin Stoermer Steira. Why did I not know she has three medals from pursuits at Olympics and World Champs? I did correctly pick the Polish Speedster to win, though. Kowalczyk showed some tactical acumen by forcing Steira to lead, then using her own sprint speed to pass for the win. Saarinen, I figured incorrectly to be gassed from the 10k win.

Now that Norway has a medal, I think the scene is set for Petter Northug to redeem himself for the silly pole-between-the-legs fall at Sapporo. My picks for tomorrow's men's pursuit, which is almost certain to not end in a breakaway or a two-up sprint:

men's 15km + 15km pursuit
1. Northug
2. Cologna
3. Piller Cottrer
Kershaw and Babikov: top 15


keeron said...

Not a bad number one pick. Though Cologna down in 41st would really have hoped to be closer to your estimate...

Luke S said...

Do you know where one can watch the men's pursuit? Universal doesn't seem to have it.

Christopher Tassava said...

If you're so inclined you can pull down a torrent of the Eurosport broadcast here:

I was stunned to see Cologna so far down the standings. Incredible. I read one story on the race that indicated that the Swiss team had botched the wax, but when isn't that a good excuse? I mean, unless your wobbly-Legkov.

Luke S said...

They block the download of .torrent files up here. Its a real pain.

keeron said...

I've been watching most of them live. If you don't mind lower quality, non-english commentary, getting up real early and wrestling with a few tech issues, try,3,4,5,6